Top Ten Tuesday – Rewind!!

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Top Ten Tuesday is brought to us by The Broke and the Bookish!

This week we are going back to the archives and choosing a past TTT of our choice. So I shall choose…… Top Ten Fictional Crushes..or as I like to call them, my book boyfriends!

Oh, and this is fictional so its not creepy if some of them are from YA books, ok? I know I’m an adult now but I wasn’t always and some of these books were read when I was a young adult. So don’t judge!

Hunter from Sweep series

(YA Modern Day Fantasy)

Oh Hunter! My very first book boyfriend from when I was a young-un. I’ll never stop loving you! By the way, I know they are older but I seriously cannot recommend The Sweep series enough to you all. It’s a fantastic YA book series that is a great coming of age story about friends, love, family, finding yourself, and a little bit of magic. Probably my favorite series ever. I don’t mean its one of my favorites I ever read, I mean even to this day its probably my favorite series (I mean other than Harry Potter, obviously). I still re-read it every two years or so and even though I’m an adult now I continue to adore this series.

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Taver Merendsen from These Broken Stars

(Mature YA Space Opera Romantic Suspense)

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Ok this is my last YA choice, promise. And I’m pretty sure his character is 19 or 20 so its not creepy that I read this one when I was an adult. Its not creepy, dammit! Anyway I just think Tarver is a wonderful book boyfriend. In addition to being attractive and useful (trust me, usefulness is necessary considering the circumstances these characters find themselves in), he’s also funny. Its a win-win really. This is one of my favorite reads of 2015 and I highly recommend it. Its like Titanic in Space. And these authors are really cool. The second book in the series plays with gender roles in a really interesting way.

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Charles from Alpha and Omega series

(Adult Urban Fantasy Romance)

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I adore Charles from Patricia Briggs’ Alpha and Omega series. He is a very complex and well crafted character. He’s also tender, protective (not over protective, just the right amount of protective), and a badass fighter. I love that he never tries to keep Anna out of things “to protect her.” He and Anna are true partners, which I greatly appreciate. I’m getting sick of the “hide you in a tower for your own protection regardless of what you want” alpha male characters. Charles is really a breath of fresh air as a love interest.

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Harry Dresden from The Dresden Files

(Adult Urban Fantasy, not romance)

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Ok, I know a lot of people think Harry is chauvinistic, and perhaps I will concede that he is old fashioned and maybe chivalrous, but I love him. He is simply the kind of guy who loves women and thinks they should be treated well. I’m not sure why a lot of people complain that he is chauvinistic and sexist, though, because its not that he doesn’t respect women. In fact, many of the strongest (and sometimes scariest) characters in these books are women. His first choice for a partner is always Murphy, a female police person. So although  there is a group of Harry-haters out there I admit that I am pro-harry. I’d date him, he is simply a good person.

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Eric from Southern Vampire Mysteries

(Adult Southern Urban Fantasy Romance-ish)

Let me be very clear and say that I love Eric from the Southern Vampire Mysteries books. I thoroughly disapprove of the show True Blood. If you are going to make a show based on a fantastic book series, please actually follow the damn series. I mean you should follow it at least 85%. After season one, True Blood went completely off the rails and stopped even remotely following the books. And it was not a “for the better” choice. If you’ve only watched the show I highly suggest you read the first couple books and see what you’ve been missing. Which is a very hot Eric. Um, he is a former Viking. Need I say more?

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Valerius from Seize the Night, A Dark Hunter novel

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Oh Valerius, from back when Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter novels were still good and worth reading….**dreamy sigh**. Prim and proper former Roman General meets outrageous, no holds-barred, definitely not proper, modern vampire slaying, sex store owning Tabitha. This is actually one of my favorite romances. I really miss Sherrilyn Kenyon’s earlier books such as this, I feel her series has gone so down hill lately. Valerius is one of my favorites. He was a Roman General, guys. What’s sexier than that?

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Bones from Night Huntress and Vlad from Night Prince

Jeaniene Frost writes some of my very favorite Urban Fantasy Romances, and has some of the very best heroes, in my opinion! Bones from Night Huntress and Vlad from Night Prince are among my favorite male leads. I especially appreciate how Frost keeps the drama and tension going through multiple books without resorting to love triangles! That’s right. These series each follow one hero and one heroine who are romantically involved. Frost is a talented writer of complex relationships and interesting male characters.

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Cadeon from Dark Desires after Dusk, an Immortals After Dark novel

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Ok, Ok so he really is a bit of a chauvinist, but who cares, I love him anyway! Cade has a sexy Sith Ifrican accent and appreciates his woman’s intelligence, so I’m able to forgive his chauvinistic tendencies. Best of all, he never once makes Holly feel bad for her extreme OCD tendencies, but rather goes out of his way to accommodate her needs. He also tries to educate himself so he can understand her when she wants to discuss scholarly topics (she’s a mathematics and technology wiz and he really, really is not). Is there anything more adorable and touching than a tough as nails warrior trying to learn about “cluster analysis and extremal combinatorics” just to please the love of his life? No, there is not. Cade has his flaws but I’m not sure I’ve ever read another male character who goes to quite so many lengths to meet his mate’s needs. Its sweet.

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Baojia from Blood and Sand (An Elemental World novel)

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I love Baojia. I really can’t even pinpoint why but I just love him so much. He’s really sweet and..and…look just trust me he’s great and you’ll love him too. Try the book, you’ll see what I mean.

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Judd, Kaleb, Vasic, and Aeden from Psy-Changeling.

You have to ignore the covers for some of these, they are not representative of the stories. This is a case of bad cover-fantastic book.

Look if you’ve read Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling books you will know exactly why I love these guys. If you haven’t read them yet, go read them now. Right now. Run, don’t walk. Read these books now, you’re already missing out!!! Judd is by far my most favorite of the bunch, possibly my most favorite book boyfriend ever. He is just delicious.

********Teeney, tiny character spoiler below, skip if you don’t want to know this fact about these characters*****

Ok, here comes the spoiler….turn back now if you don’t want to know….you sure?….positive?…ok here it is….

So all of these pay-characters are virgins, which in romance books is not the norm for the men. However, I find it to be a thoroughly refreshing change! I love Nalini Singh because she writes very diverse characters; multi-ethnicities and skin colors. She also has a slightly more liberated view of sex than most, where women are not always judged for having had sex before her HEA. I know, what a concept. A lot of Singh’s Psy-characters are virgins, but that includes women and men, and its because their race doesn’t have sex physically but rather goes through in vitro fertilization to procreate. This is a race that has stamped out love and affection and even physical contact. On the other hand, her Changeling-characters have sex often and easily, again, both women and men. In this race there is no judgement against either women or men for the number of sexual partners they have, its seen as simply a normal aspect of life. The human-characters vary in sexual opinion and experience.

Judd, Kaleb, Vasic, and Aeden are all virgins because they are Psy. And the characters are complex and beautifully written. And what a treat it is to read about men who are not “sex gods who’ve been with a million women before finding the one, right woman.” Ugh, I’m sick of this over-sexed alpha male character, which is why Nalini’s psy-men are a nice change of pace. They are still sexy as hell (Judd!!!!), but we also get tenderness and yearning and love. We do not have to suffer through men who use sex against the women in order to convince them they are “in love.”  Oh and these virgins set out to learn how to blow the minds of their ladies in bed because they love them. So don’t fear you’ll be getting lame sex scenes. Nalini would never let you down that way. The men do their research.

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Side Rant about Sarah J. Maas’ love interests….

I did like Chaol in the first Throne of Galss book but I think from now on I’ll go ahead and plan not to get too attached to any of Sarah J Maas’ love interests. She seems to enjoy ruining them for us later. I haven’t read ACOMF yet so no spoilers please, but I understand she does the same with Tamlin, which is probably why I’m putting off reading it so far. Why does she make us like a love interest only to ruin them and replace them in subsequent books? Why can’t authors manage to write multi-book series that feature steady couples? A talented author can write fantastic books that feature the same couple and still come up with drama and tension to keep the interest (without relying on love triangles or quadrangles or whatever angles)! Some authors who manage these are: Jeaniene Frost, C.L. Wilson, Elizabeth Vaughan, Veronica Rossi, Marie Rutkoski, Veronica Roth and Melissa Landers. Come on Sarah J. I’m sure you could do it if you tried.


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