Top Ten Tuesday – bookish facts about me!

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July 12: Ten Facts About Me (bookish or just general about you facts or ten facts about you as a blogger…whatever you want)


I started blogging as a class assignment. While getting my Masters in Library and Information Science, we were required to book blog about Young Adult books. This was a year ago and I maintain that blog, and also this new one! I’m glad that class made me get back into reading some YA. There are truly some excellent books in that genre! Can you believe I was required to blog for class credit? How awesome!



I cannot, for the life of me, remember any of the children’s books I read as a child. I remember reading YA book series (animorphs, sweep, circle of three, ever world, tamora pierce, etc). But I cannot remember reading anything between my picture book days, and my YA days. Did I just not read during those years? Or did I start reading YA when I was really young? Cannot remember!



I started reading steamy romances waaaay before I understood a lot of the sex references. I remember reading Karen Moning’s Highlander series when I was about 14. It was awkward trying to hide those book covers from my classmates and teachers lol!



Subsequently, I learned a lot, A LOT, about sex from those books waaaaaay before I’d indulged myself. In fact, pretty sure I stayed away from sex for so long as a youth because romance books had taught me that the woman is also supposed to enjoy it, and I knew from my friend’s first hand accounts that teenage boys were not up to that challenge. Romance books set a pretty high standard of expectations in that department lol! In hindsight, I believe it was one of my better decisions!



I currently have 620 books on my Kindle, meaning I have officially surpassed my physical book collection. This makes me happy – because I don’t have to find a place to put them, and very sad – because I love owning physical books.



My iTunes is filled with almost solely audiobooks. I own about 25 music songs, but 85 audiobooks in my iTunes. I always get a kick out of people asking me “what are you listening to?” They never expect it to be books.



Being such an avid reader makes it hard for me to work out and stay healthy. Because all I want to do is lay in bed binge-reading!



I almost never like the first book in a series. It seems, for some reason, that #3 is always where I start to love it. No idea why.



I’ve become so addicted to the Harry Potter audiobooks, that I can’t even really read the books anymore, I have to listen to them instead.



I often wonder if other people re-read their books as often as I do, or if that is abnormal. Like, Ill pretty much re-read the whole series every time a new book in the series comes out.


#11 Bonus

I do not get the appeal of Edward at all (from Twilight). I can’t imagine why anyone would be drawn to him, especially when Jacob was an option. Edward is broody, ridiculous, distant, wanted to kill Bella, and controlling. I just do not understand the appeal, at all. It really makes me curious about his popularity because I just never got it!



7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – bookish facts about me!

  1. The weird things they make you do in SLIS man. I thought my days of project boards were over in middle school-nope.
    I’m the same way with the Harry Potter audiobooks; I just love them so much that I rather listen than read the books!

    Here’s my TTT


  2. I totally get #7! Especially on the weekends, it’s so hard for me to drag myself away from my books and go to the gym. At least you listen to audio books, though. I’ve never been able to really get into audio books, and I don’t think it would go very well if I tried to run on the treadmill and read a book at the same time, lol.

    And I get #8, too. First books can feel tedious because you have to sit through the characters being reluctant about whatever adventure you know they’re ultimately going to go on, and you just want them to get to interesting part already!

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  3. That’s awesome that you were required to blog about books! Worked out perfectly! 😉
    Do you consider it a good thing that you were introduced to the sex early, though? I think it could help in discovery without running into problems with other humans… I kind of wish I had learnt more at an earlier age, but eh. Doesn’t really matter anyway!
    I wish reading was a physical exercise! I could be so fit!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yea I think so, it was like a safe way of satisfying my teenage hormones/curiosity without risk I guess. Plus I think it helped build confidence About sex. It’s funny that I read romance as a youth and now I’m an adult I started reading Young adult a bit more. Backwards lol


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