Blink, Bridget’s baby, & Shameless

THis is already a GREAT weekend! This nice holiday weekend has been made even better for me because the entertainment industry has really provided some manna for me in the form of music, tv shows, and movie news.

The new blink 182 album, California, has finally dropped. I listened to it on my Groove music subscription and it is FANTASTIC. its the perfect mix of their older fun stuff (circa Dude Ranch and Enema of the State) and a slightly more mature feel (very slightly lol). It kicks their  2002 self titled album in its boring a$$. I highly recommend this album. Personally Ive  literally been blasting it while I play Call of Duty at night. Great weekend ahead, thanks Blink. It’s great to have you back again.

Shameless (the American version) has come to Netflix  this week. Can I just say FINALLY!!!  I have been waiting for this show to come to our favorite binge provider for years  it’s about a poor and out of control family  it’s supposed to be fantastically outrageous and I cannot wait to watch it  hopefully I’ve found a new show to binge through this summer.

Bridget Jones Baby is coming out on Sept 16, 2016!!! I just saw the preview for the first time yesterday.  I didn’t even know this was being made.  I love, love, love Colin Firth so this is good news. Unfortunately Patrick Dempsey is in it too (not my favorite) so that’s a bummer lol. The idea is that Bridget and Mark break up (WHY!!??!!??) and Bridget focuses on her career. Then I guess at some point she sleeps with both Firth and Dempsey and gets pregnant.  And she isn’t sure which is the father so they start competing for her affections. It does look hilarious but I will be heart broken if she does not end up with Colin Firth’s Mark Darcy. I thought she had her happy ever after and I will not be pleased if that changes now. Not at all.


So, thoughts on these developments?  What new “non bookish” things are you enjoying or looking forward to this summer?




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